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Written by Gemma Bentley

A vegetable garden is a really fun and exciting activity that all parents and educators can do with their children.

This activity teaches children where their food comes from, it encourages independence as the children are given the opportunity to care for and look after a vegetable garden themselves. Involving the children in this activity educates them about healthy eating as they will be very proud of what they have achieved once their vegetable has grown and they are able to share it on their dinner plate with the rest of their family.

So you have decided to make your very own vegetable garden with your children, that’s fantastic! Now think about where will be the best location to have your vegetable garden, where is the best natural light coming from and will the vegetable garden have access to water. Once you have decided on this go ahead and get your green thumb involved!

Use your imagination on how you want to create this fun activity, I suggest if you don’t want to dig up your backyard or if you only have a small courtyard to create a container vegetable garden. Vegetables suited for container vegetable garden are tomatoes, capsicum, eggplant, potatoes, beans, carrots and lettuce. Ok, so now we are wondering what containers we can use. The answer is simpler than you think. I’m sure you have old buckets floating around your house, empty coffee tins, old baby baths, empty milk containers or soft drink bottles. With these containers all you need to do is cut then in half.

Let’s get dirty! Once you have gathered your containers fill them with peat moss, or potting soil or basically any soil from your backyard. You can get the peat moss from any Bunnings warehouse. With the children add the seeds of choice of vegetable and sprinkle a little water.

Now you have created your own vegetable garden well done! Place this great creation in a location where sunlight and water is accessible. Each day you and the children will enjoy watering and watching the vegies grow.

The benefit of a mini portable vegetable garden is children can take home and continue to look after their vegetables. Children develop a sense of pride as they become very proud of what they have created. They also learn about healthy food and its benefits.

Give it a try.